The Problem

One of the biggest problems that we are facing today is the inability to communicate effectively. This problem directly impacts the health of our relationships. Regardless of the interactions being adult to youth, adult to adult, or youth to youth, the issue of not being heard, valued, or cared for is still present...and even dangerous.

The Solution

In this course, I will show you EXACTLY How To Build Bridges Instead of Barriers In All of Your Relationships without all the myths associated with relationship building. My Step By Step Process Revealed! I've put this course together for YOU! It's easy to understand and practical. The course was created to guide and equip you so that no matter where you are in life, you can start investing at a greater level in your relationships TODAY!

Course Curriculum

    1. Learning Objective & Outcomes

    2. Introduction Video

    3. Natural Disaster Scenario

    4. Dwight's Empathy Quote

    5. 4 Ways to Practice Bridge Building Daily

    6. 3 Definitions Assignment

    1. Learning Objective & Outcomes

    2. Your Emotional Intelligence Score

    3. Recognize Their Emotional Feelings Video

    4. Post-Video Questions

    5. The Wheel

    6. Bonus: Conversation Challenge

    1. Learning Objective & Outcomes

    2. Empathy vs. Sympathy Quiz

    3. Imagine Yourself In Their Shoes Video

    4. Walk In Michael's Shoes

    5. Think Again Activity

    6. Audio Lesson - 3 Ways to Gain Insight

    7. Bonus: Poem Reflection

    8. Bonus: Empathy Assessment

    1. Learning Objective & Outcomes

    2. Accept Their Truth Video

    3. Acknowledgement Activity

    4. The Power of Listening

    5. 3 Statements of Acknowledgement

    6. Audio Lesson - 2 Things To Know About When To Ask Questions

    7. Bonus: 7 Ways To Help People Share Their Truth

    1. Learning Objective & Outcomes

    2. Summary Video

    3. Words From Brene Brown

    4. Criticism Exploration Activity

    5. 3 Curious Questions To Help You Suspend Judgement

    6. Define My Needs

    7. Bonus: Lessons On Criticism

    8. Dwight's Wrap Up

    9. Dwight's Bio & Testimonials

About this course

  • $197.00
  • 36 lessons
  • Proven 3-Step Method

Meet Your Instructor

Dwight Taylor, Sr.

If you are unfamiliar with me, let me share a little bit about myself professionally since you will learn about me as a husband and father inside the course. I'm a TEDx speaker, #1 Amazon Bestselling author and International Professional Communicator endorsed by the Legend of Motivation Les Brown. As a Consultant and Effective Communication Trainer, improving the culture and climate in the workplace, communities, campuses and classrooms are my highest priorities. I believe that better communicators equals better relationships. Over the past 20+ years, I've used my 3-step method for building bridges in relationships in 6 different industries. This same method is implemented when I'm coaching multi-million dollar clients, consulting for school districts, facilitating communication in prisons and training high level nonprofit organizations. I'm grateful that my communication strategies have been featured on or recognized by TEDx, SHOWTIME, Walmart, NBA, Jr. NBA, New York Life, Adidas, Comstock's Magazine, ESPN, BET and more.

Hack your relationships like a pro and live your best life!